Go Balance delivers carbon offsets from our own avoided deforestation projects.

Who We Are

Go Balance is a carbon project development company specialising in jurisdictional REDD+ carbon offset projects.

Go Balance REDD+ Projects

Our focus is to carry out jurisdictional REDD+ carbon offsetting projects that bring a combination of environmental and social benefits. The high quality carbon credits Go Balance achieves are Natural Capital Credits. These are fully verified REDD+ credits and originate from our project; a public-private partnership with the Municipality of Borba, Amazonas, Brazil .

Riverine Community from Go Balance's Carbon Offsetting Projects
Our Offsets

We help companies to effectively integrate our Natural Capital Credit offsets into their net zero and ESG strategies.

Natural Capital Credits are a practical and powerful carbon offsetting solution helping companies of all sizes achieve their environmental targets.

How We Do It

We use geospatial datasets and satellite imagery to quantify and verify our REDD+ projects.

Geospatial Map example for Go Balance Carbon Offset Projects

By using national and sub-national datasets it enables Go Balance to transparently and accurately report the benefits of our jurisdictional REDD+ projects. This also allows for robust baseline modelling.

Carbon credits provide flexibility, allowing a cost-effective transition, and enabling businesses to offset hard to abate emissions.

Go Balance REDD+ carbon projects are developed under the Natural Forest Standard. The projects are independently audited by third-party carbon verifiers, under ISO 14065:2013 and ISO 14064-3:2013 guidelines.

Nature-Based Solutions

Nature-based carbon offset solutions are generated by conserving, protecting and managing forests and ecosystems to remove or avoid CO2 emissions. 

Carbon Offsetting Projects

Our Natural Capital Credits can be used as part of the toolkit for managing carbon emissions. They can be embedded into environmental strategies, 

REDD+ Projects Explained

REDD+ stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. The ‘plus’ signifies community and biodiversity co-benefits as well as protecting forests.

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