Go Balance is a carbon offset project development company.

We specialise in developing and managing jurisdictional REDD+ projects. Our focus is producing high-quality nature-based carbon offsets from our own avoided deforestation projects.

Go Balance REDD+ Project Developer

Go Balance’s REDD+ projects are nature-based solutions that protect areas of forest at risk of deforestation. Our aim is to protect these forest ecosystems and biodiversity whilst also benefiting local communities.

REDD+ stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. The ‘plus’ signifies the additional, non-carbon co-benefits brought by carrying out the project activities.

As a carbon offset project developer our focus is to develop and manage nature-based REDD+ projects under the Natural Forest Standard. Our aim is to achieve fully verified Natural Capital Credits from our projects for the voluntary carbon offset market.

Trocano Araretama REDD+ Project

The first project under our responsibility is the Trocano Araretama Project, which has been operational since 2011.  Go Balance implements the Trocano project in a public-private partnership with the City Hall of the Municipality of Borba.

Trocano is located in Amazonas, Brazil, and covers an area in excess of 1.3 million hectares. This consequently makes it one of the largest REDD+ projects in the world.

The project area is home to 10,700 people. It also has a unique ecosystem due to its location on the Madeira River, with many endemic species and abundant biodiversity.

We deliver REDD+ carbon offsets directly from source. These are validated and verified under the Natural Forest Standard.

As the developer of the Trocano Project since 2015, Go Balance is able to deliver REDD+ carbon offsets to clients at significant volumes. This also guarantees transparency and  integrity as to the origin of the carbon offsets we supply.

The carbon offsets generated from the Trocano Project are Natural Capital Credits.  These are high quality nature-based carbon offsets, which include socio-economic and biodiversity co-benefits.

The project is fully validated and verified under the Natural Forest Standard, carried out in accordance with the ISO14064:3 and ISO14065 framework. Natural Capital Credits are only issued as a result of successful verification.

Trocano REDD+ Carbon Offset Project Go Balance

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