Go Balance is the project developer of the Trocano Araretama Project.

The Trocano Project is a jurisdictional REDD+ carbon project in Brazil. It brings a combination of social, biodiversity and carbon benefits. The project has achieved full validation and verification under the Natural Forest Standard and issuance of Natural Capital Credits.

Trocano Araretama Project generates Natural Capital Credits

About the Trocano Project

The Trocano Project is a large-scale avoided deforestation project located in Amazonas, Brazil. The complete project area totals over of 1.3 million hectares. This makes it one of the largest REDD+ carbon offset projects in the world.  

The project area is home to 10,700 people. It also has a unique ecosystem due to its location on the Madeira River. This includes many endemic species, as well as abundant and varied biodiversity.

The project has been fully validated and verified by an independent, third party carbon auditor and subsequently the project has been issued with Natural Capital Credits.  

These carbon credits have been achieved as a result of implementing effective avoided deforestation actions. The project has also been verified as simultaneously delivering socio-economic benefits and biodiversity protection within the project area.

Natural Capital Credits are high-quality REDD+ carbon offsets.

Trocano Project REDD+ Carbon Offsets Natural Capital Credits

Natural Capital Credits are generated from nature-based forestry protection projects that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding deforestation.

Each Natural Capital Credit represents one tonne of avoided CO2e. As a result of this, they can be used highly effectively as carbon offsets to address unavoidable emissions and achieve net zero.

Each credit also represent a combination of carbon, social and biodiversity benefits that have led to their successful issuance as carbon offsets.

Natural Capital Credits are achieved by projects using the Natural Forest Standard. Projects are independently validated and verified by leading third-party GHG validators and verifiers prior to issuance of the carbon offsets, under ISO 14065:2013 and ISO 14064-3:2013 guidelines.

Nature-Based Offset Solutions

Natural Capital Credits (NCCs) originate from nature-based projects that protect areas of forest at risk from deforestation.

This is known as REDD+ which stands for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation. 

The ‘plus’ signifies that the project brings more than just carbon benefits. It also means it has integrated social and biodiversity co-benefits. These enhancements are fundamental aspects of project implementation and verification.

Due to these fully verified socio-economic and biodiversity benefits, NCCs can contribute positively towards a company’s ESG policy. Go Balance provides these for companies directly from source and at relevant volumes.

About the Natural Forest Standard

The Natural Forest Standard (NFS) is an independent, jurisdictional REDD+ voluntary carbon standard. 

It was formed to provide a specific framework for certifying the integrated social, carbon and biodiversity benefits that result from the conservation and restoration of natural forest projects at risk from deforestation and degradation.

The NFS was developed by leading experts in the environmental science sector. As a jurisdictional REDD+ crediting program, it uses an innovative approach to quantifying carbon benefits.  When it was launched in 2011 it was market-leading in its demand for combined carbon, social and biodiversity benefits. 

This was also the first standard to develop a risk-based methodology for application in carbon quantification calculations and integrating the use of geospatial data into the verification process

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