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Many companies take measures to reduce their impact on the environment, but it is often the case that the details of these measures are not effectively portrayed to the public.

Society is increasingly becoming environmentally conscious and consumers are frequently searching for products and services that limit their environmental impact.

Go Balance provides a simple yet effective tool enabling companies to communicate their commitment towards balancing the environmental impact of their products and services.


Consumer Engagement


Go Balance is an effective method for companies to gain a competitive advantage through communication and engagement with the growing number of consumers who are actively seeking green products and services. Products that carry the Go Balance logo will be instantly attractive to:

Of consumers who will pay extra for products and services and who are committed to making positive social and environmental purchasing decisions
Of consumers who made at least one purchase in the last 6 months from socially responsible companies
Of consumers who check product packaging to determine the environmental impact of the product to enable them to make an informed choice

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Brand Enhancement.


Using the latest in lifecycle assessment technology Go Balance simply calculates the environmental impact of your products and/or services.

This avoids the need for costly and complicated environmental impact reports.

To balance the environmental impact of your product and/or service, Go Balance will retire the appropriate amount of Natural Capital Credits which are relative to the particular product or service.

Go Balance will then issue verified certificates to confirm the corresponding carbon balancing.

Go Balance eliminates the need for costly and time consuming CSR reports by focusing on the product or service your company offers.

Instead of a substantial upfront payment that is required for an environmental impact report or CSR report, the Go Balance method focuses on the product, which allows you to balance your costs in line with your sales.

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Results from a year-over-year analysis report released in March revealed that average annual sales increased by 2% for products with sustainability claims on their packaging, and by 5% for those that promoted sustainability actions through marketing programs

(Nielsen, 2014)

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Combining all of your CSR needs in one certified product


NCCs are a fully-certified offset that combine the three most
important elements of any offset program

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Natural Capital Credits have been developed from the Trocano Araretama project in the Amazonian region of Brazil.  

The project is an avoided deforestation project that covers an area of 1.3 million hectares and is responsible for the avoided emissions of approximately 7 million tonnes of CO2e per year.  The emissions have been independently verified by an ISO-accredited verifier.

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Within the project area there are 10,700 inhabitants. The sale of NCCs brings benefits to these inhabitants such as:

Education / Clean drinking water / Solar energy / Healthcare / Clean cooking stoves / Employment opportunities

All social benefits are approved and implemented by Iakira; a dedicated local NGO.

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The biodiversity aspects of NCCs are equally certified and cover such areas as biodiversity monitoring, biodiversity education and awareness and protection of endangered and unique species. To date, 5 endangered species have been identified as well as 6 new species of birds. Research is also being carried out on the medicinal benefits of plants present in the project area for researching cancer cures and other conditions. The sale of NCCs will help to protect this unique but fragile ecosystem.